3 creative ideas to jazz up your bland looking luggage

Luggage mix up is a common problem in the airport. That is because most people prefer buying basic-colored bags. They are sensible options.
Black-colored bags do not get dirty easily. Owners do not have to clean it up all the time. However, this can be mistaken for the other bags in the airport. If you don’t want your bag to be picked up by some random stranger and be hoisted to other places, you should try to jazz it up. Nothing beats traveling in style.
So here are a couple of ideas on how to do this:
1. Use big and colourful ribbon as luggage tag
Unique luggage tags can help you identify which bag is yours even if you are still far from the bag. Big tags are also better so that you will notice easily if it accidentally falls off the bag or gets ripped out.
Purchase a colored ribbon of about 2 inches to 5 inches thickness. Wrap it around the handle of the bag. Tie it tightly. You can also purchase lace ribbons if you want your bag to look more stylish.
2. Use acrylic paint for canvas bag
Plain canvas sneakers are now being painted with acrylic paint. Owners use different designs and caricatures to get stylish and unique shoes. You can do the same to your canvas or vinyl bag.
Check out artists who can design your bag for free. Some will ask for a fee especially if you have it done by a professional. If you have a friend who does some sketching or art works, ask him or her to use your bag as canvas. Acrylic paint lasts long. It does not wash off and does not easily bleed when it gets wet.
3. Make luggage mosaic out of fabric cut-outs